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Here is a depository of some of the best videos on

Other Resources

440TV - A site dedicated to videos about audio.

Sound Design

TED Talk: Ways Sound Affects Us

Very Cool Sound Designer: Diego Stocco

Loudness War

Star Wars: Sound Design

Sound Effect

Sound Composition via Video Editing

Red Bull Can-Music

The Lyre Bird

Worm Music

Circuit Bending

A New Twist on Bohemian Rhapsody


A True Foley "Performance"

  • "This is Andy Malcom of FootSteps Studios. He now operates his shop just north of Toronto, Canada. He has a studio / bunker / prop warehouse, all in his house. He shoots with wireless playback, and has his house wired up with patch bays. A great foley artist, and creator of sound. He has full copies of this film on DVD around his shop... its a great flick --> a must see for all film students. As for "Old School Foley"... similar to the way he shoots today, hence why his tracks always leave the studio in sync, and sound great!
  • Click Here For a very limited credit list.


Fire and Sound Sequence:


Stop-Motion Video

The "Amen Break"

Eric Disrude (drum tech for Mike Portnoy) Interview

Jeff Ocheltree (drum tech for John Bonham)

Ruben's Tube

Acoustic Levitation

Rant on Pachelbel's Canon

More elequent demonstration of the Pachelbel thesis...

Guitar Hero

Honda Car Choir

Article on the Guy who Invented Album Art:

Strange Fruit by India.Arie

Okay, not a YouTube link, but rather a pic that denotes our safe working environment: