Walker 212 Film Mixing Studio FAQ

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This article is dedicated to answering questions that are often asked about Walker 212. Feel free to add questions to this list, or respond to unanswered questions. (Please add new questions at the top, so they aren't missed.)

How do I get the Computer/Video processor to display on the Sony video monitor? What input is XXXX on the Outlaw processor?

Why can't I get to the 7.1 Direct input on the Outlaw processor?

  • It is only accessible by the Outlaw remote - the input select buttons are near the bottom.

Why doesn't the Mackie Control surface work?

  • The Mackie controller must be in the proper control mode. To access the control mode menu, turn off the unit and turn it back on while holding both the Channel 1 and 2 'Select' buttons. For Logic, choose "Logic Control" mode. For Pro Tools, choose "HUI" mode.

Why won't the stupid remote work?

  • The Outlaw remote must be in TNR control mode (button near the top) in order to control the Outlaw processor.

Which amps need to be on?

  • Currently: the Rotel powers the main L/R speakers, the top two Crowns power the surround speakers, and the subwoofer is internally powered. The subwoofer usually doesn't get shut off.