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This page is set to help students with Academic Advising within the Visual and Performing Arts Department.
Here you will find information regarding Degree Audits, HASS Requirements, STEM Requirements, and Co-Curricular Requirements.

General Information

Visit the VPA Majors Facebook page to meet other students and post interesting finds: MTU VPA Students & Alumni Facebook

Visit the Public VPA Facebook page, where they announce upcoming department events: Michigan Tech. Visual and Performing Arts Facebook

Special Classes

What is Practicum and How Should I Plan for it?

The Practicum Courses:

  • Audio Majors
    • 1st Year: FA 1662 & FA 1664
    • 2nd Year: FA 2662 & FA 2661 (Don't forget the FA 2661)
    • 3rd & 4th Year: FA 3662 and/or Enterprise
  • Visual Majors
  • 1st & 2nd Year: FA 2661
  • 3rd & 4th Year: FA 3661

These are hands on learning classes. In these classes you will work on real productions and projects that are viewed by an audience or make a clear difference in the department. In order to build up your intuitive skill and your feel for the work, you should be taking one of these classes every semester. You should not ever take more than two credits of this in the same semester and you should only exceed one credit in rare semesters. Courses ending in even numbers are sound related and courses ending in a 1 are non-sound courses. Sound majors are expected to be comfortable working on non-sound crews in addition to sound crews.

What is Professional Development and How Should I Plan for it?

Professional Development: FA 2663 & FA 3663

Should be taken once a year for each of the four years you are studying at Michigan Tech. This course requires that you engage with professionals outside of Michigan Tech.

The organizations we usually work with are:

All students should attend KC/ACTF their first year and will be expected to present at KC/ACTF in their 4th or 5th year.

What Instrument Should I Take Lessons On?

If you do not currently have an instrument you are pursuing study on and don't have a burning desire to learn a specific instrument then you should take Piano.
The keyboard is a very useful computer input device for music, as well as sound effects.

General Education

I'm Required to Take a Foreign Language?

Students in Sound Design must take two semester of foreign language. All other students may take two semester of foreign language and substitute it for World Cultures.
See the general education requirements here: General Education Classes

What are Stem Classes?

A STEM class is a Science Technology Engineering or Math class. The list of approved classes can be found on the general education web site. STEM Classes

What are HASS Classes?

The HASS classes are Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences classes. They are listed on the general education web site and are
classes that help you develop a thoughtful and informed understanding of the world. HASS Classes

The biggest thing students do wrong with this list is forget to take at least 6 classes at the 3000 or 4000 level.

Specific Degree Information

Where Do I Find My Degree Audit?

On the registrars web site under graduation: Registrar's Office

The direct link to degree audits is currently: Degree Audits

Audio Production and Technology - BS

Sound Design - BA

Theatre and Electronic Media Performance - BS

Theatre and Entertainment Technology - BS