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DAT Heads


Purpose: DAT-heads concerns itself with Digital Audio Tape decks, with an emphasis on their use for the recording and distribution of live music. This is where you can sign up to help distribute and get copies of bootleg recordings of concerts. They also have lots of information on doing bootleg recordings. Lots of great stuff here. Not sure when they will get a new name since DAT is so passé...

Theatre Sound list

Contact: Jim Bay,

Web Info: Theatre-Sound Mailing List Home Page

Purpose: The Theatre Sound Mailing List caters to people doing sound for musical theatre or plays, concerts, worship services, etc. We have about 600 readers in at least 17 countries. Members range from Broadway Pro's to High School Kids; this is a non-elitist forum. It's also a very high signal-to-noise forum; off-topic discussions get squashed like bugs.

Yahoo Groups

Video Game Sound Design:
Film Sound Design:
Macintosh Digital Audio Workstations:

Other Discussion Groups

Logic Audio Group:
Another Logic Audio Group:
Official ProTools Message Boards/Forum:
Audio Equipment discussions:
Acoustics Discussion:
Taper discussion:
DAT Heads Taper talk:
More discussion than is comfortable:

Other Resources

Audio Files comparing Audio Equipment:
David Moulton's Web Site with lots of Articles:
Live Sound Articles:
More Live and Theatre Sound Articles:
Mac Audio News:
Audio News:
More Mac Music News:

Essential Resources

More Information about Sound Design than you can shake a stick at:
More Sounds:
Even More Sounds:
A few additional sounds:
More Sounds: More Sounds: Sounds for Sale: