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What should I do if I have multiple Solos on one track?

This can happen if you have one solo mic and several different performers use it during a performance. Often each performer will need different EQ, reverb, and compression. While you could automate you plug-ins to change to new settings for each solo this can be very cumbersome and annoying. It is usually much better to create additionally tracks for each solo. In session recording you may be able to do this during the session if it is a live concert or you are doing complete takes during session recording then you can split the regions and put each solo on separate tracks after recording is complete.

Should I do my entire recording in one session/files, or should I use more than one?

Live recordings must be done in one file. Session recording is often best done in multiple files one for each song. However, it is best to create a template session so that you can create new session quickly and not hold up the recording process. If you do things this way it is very important to create a folder for your plug-in settings so it is easy to use the same EQ, Compression, etc. in different songs where needed for a consistant sound to the album.

Can I have more than one sample rate in a single protools session