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Center Stage

In Theater

In a proscenium theater, center stage is the most prominent of the staging position, it is as the name suggests the very center of
the stage, positioned between the left and right stage sections of the stage. [1]In general terms it consists of the entire center strip of the stage including the downstage and upstage portions of the center stage strip. In specific terms it consists of the just the square section between the upstage and downstage sections of the strip. This prominent position is oftentimes the focal point for all attention of the current performance and thus the most important aspects of the performance tend to occur there, Mostly the center stage lies far back from the apron section of the stage but in some theaters this isn't the case and the center stage may actually be in close proximity. Even when stage platforms are in place, the stage direction still can be used, in fact center stage is the best spot to place a platform for maximum effectiveness.

The Theaters

The Center Stage Theater

The Center Stage Theater in Atlanta, Georgia is a 1100 seat venue that represents itself as “an icon in the Atlanta Music and Performing Arts Community.” The Theater has hosted such big names as Bright Eyes, Backstreet Boys, and Air. [2] The stage is 32x20 feet with 20 foot, 9 inch stage to grid height as well as fairly large left and right wings. The theater also has a Midas Heritage 2000 Front of House 38 channel sound board and a Avolites Pearl lighting board. It also maintains a fairly remarkable lighting and sounds system besides the boards. [3]

The Centerstage Theater

The Centerstage Theatre was launched in 1963 and has since become the “leading profession theater” in Baltimore Maryland, now it hosts about 100,000 people a year and maintains a six play season. The theater attempts to maintain affordable seats for those who cannot afford expensive prices found in other theaters, season tickets go for as low as $60 with individual shows starting at $10. The theater itself is comprised of two individual theaters, the Pearlstone Theater which has 541 seats and the 366 seat Head Theater. The overall theater also has two lobbies and three bars and cafés all of which can be rented by the public. The theater has hosted such notable performances as Sweeney Todd:The Demon Barber of Fleet Street , King Lear, Arsenic & Old Lace, and Two Gentlemen of Verona as well as many others. Centerstage also maintains many community programs including their First Look Reading Series through which the theater offers workshops for play reading and development , they also offer training for teachers who wish to further their students theatrical education and internships for those who are interested in possibly pursuing theater as a career. [5]