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Recording Studio - Rozsa 215

A Map of the Rozsa Center second floor with Room 215 highlighted in yellow
Map of the Rozsa second floor showing the Recording Studio
  • The Recording Studio is located on the second floor of the Rozsa Center for Performing Arts.
  • About the room:
    • 233 square feet (or ~ 19 square meters if you prefer).
    • Capacity: 2 (unless you're friendly)
    • An isolation booth is immediately next door to the studio and has a patch bay connected to the studio for easy tracking.
    • Equipment:
      • Contact Christopher Plummer for more information about the specific equipment available in the recording studio (this will be posted here in the future)
  • Usability may be limited if rehearsals are happening in the adjoining Band Room (check the schedule).
  • The Recording Studio is available for self-service scheduling.
  • Calendar
View of Recording Studio
View One
View of Recording Studio
View Two
Isolation booth next door to the studio.

Two measurements were taken in the studio. The first position had the sound source placed near the board facing the window with the microphone also facing the window. Position 2 had the sound source near the couch pointed towards the right side of the M32 with the microphone facing this corner as well.

                  Placement 1                                                              Placement 2
Vocal Booth Reverberation Time.png
Vocal Booth Envelope and Frequency Response.png


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