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McArdle Theatre - Walker 207

A Map of the Walker Arts and Humanities Center second floor with Room 207 highlighted in yellow
Map of the Walker Arts and Humanities Center second floor showing the McArdle Theatre
  • McArdle Theatre is located on the second floor of the Walker Arts and Humanities Center.
  • About the room:
    • 4646 square feet (or ~ 432 square meters if you prefer).
    • Seating Capacity: 96
    • Equipment:
      • Contact Kalen Larson for more information about the specific equipment available in McArdle Theatre (this will be posted here in the future)
  • The schedule for McArdle Theatre is prioritized as follows:
    • First priority goes to theatre performances and rehearsals for same.
    • Second priority is given to classes.
    • Space requests by Visual and Performing Arts Majors will receive next priority.
    • All other requests for use of McArdle Theatre will be considered on their individual merits subject to the other priority matters.
  • To schedule use of McArdle Theatre, please email your request (after checking availability) to
  • Calendar
View of McArdle Theatre
A view from the first catwalk
View of McArdle Theatre
Another view from the first cat
View of McArdle Theatre
And yet another
View of McArdle Theatre
You get the idea
View of McArdle Theatre
Looking into the booth from HR
View of McArdle Theatre
The board
Mcardle Theatre Reverberation Graph.png

Measurements for this space used a QSC sub and speaker in the center back half of the space pointed towards the audience. The microphone was placed in the 4th row of the seating area facing the wall to collect data. The room was measure four times with the variables of the curtains and garage door either open, closed, or both.

                 Curtains Open, Door Open                                           Curtains Open, Door Closed
Curtains Open door open.png
Curtains open, door closed.png
                 Curtains Closed Door Closed                                         Curtains Closed, Door Open
Curtains closed door closed.png
Curtains closed, door open.png