Michigan Sound for Film and Video Internships

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There are several film and video production houses that have intership opportunities closer to Detroit.

  • The Detroit Chop Shop - http://www.thedetroitchopshop.com/
    • This is a developing team (around since about 2005) started by sound designer Ric Viers, whose main focus is sound effects libraries. Ric has contributed to over 100 sound effects libraries, including work for Sound Ideas, The Hollywood Edge, Digital Juice, and Video Helper. Ric and the Chop Shop recently started their own label, Blastwave FX (http://www.blastwavefx.com), which will be taking off like lighting as they release a variety of products over the next couple of years.
    • If you enjoy doing mainly creative work, and want to be part of a quickly developing and highly industrious team, this is the place for you. Also could be opportunities for involvement in film/video production and post.

  • Forest Post Production - http://www.forestpost.com
    • Mature (23+ years) medium-sized facility that specializes in commercial audio/video post.

  • Ron Rose Productions - http://www.ronrose.com/
    • Described by Ken as the fanciest operation he has seen in Michigan. On par with Skywalker, only leaning towards commercial work rather than narrative. Ron Rose is strictly audio, but they partner and share a building with Milagro video post. If you are looking to jump into a well-developed facility in Michigan, this is a good goal. Expect to be the gopher as intern though.