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McArdle Theatre is a black box theater (a theater that is usually painted entirely black, that can be transformed in many ways to fit the needs of a production. [2] ) located on the second and third floors in the Walker Arts and Humanities Center. At it’s maximum capacity, it can hold 266 people [3] McArdle Theatre is the perfect place to host events and performances because of it’s versatility both in the design of the performance, and the variety in seating arrangements. With some creative designing and precise planning, McArdle Theatre can transform from a black cube to a far off land in no time at all.

A brief history of McArdle and Walker

McArdle Theatre and the Walker Arts and Humanities Center use to be Sherman Gym. It was only because of a generous donation from Shaw Walker that the building was remodeled into the new home of both the Humanities and Visual and Performing Arts Departments. [4]

Uses of McArdle Theatre

McArdle Theatre is the workhorse of the Visual and Performing Arts Department, being used as a production space for the various shows throughout the semester. Such plays and performances such as Memorandum, Equus, Beyond Therapy, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: The Original Radio Plays, and many, many more. Theatrical performances are not the only things to grace McArdle Theatre. The theatre is also used for performances such as The Jazz Showcase, The Jazz Cabaret, The Walker Art and Design Show, multiple performances by The Troupe, and the Northern Lights Film Festival. The versatility of the theater allows for multiple arrangements to accommodate the needs of every event that occurs there.
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