Fire Safety in the Theater

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The National Fire Protection Association types of hazards. The diamond is subdivided into four general categories

Fire Safety in the Theater is an important aspect of design and construction (along with other safety precautions), which provides a general guideline of acceptable fire safety practices to utilized in the theater.

General Guidelines

The risk of a fire in todays proscenium theater is a real topic of concern. Stage fire protection measures, details differing from one region to another, have been established, codified and enforced throughout the world and have changed little over the past 100 years. Advances in fire protection systems and construction of materials have led to studying the current state of requirements, gauging the effectiveness of current acceptable practices.

Fire Prevention Measures

Fire Codes require that a proscenium stage's fire curtain be unobstructed at all times.
A Fire Extinguisher of appropriate type (likely ABC) will be kept immediately adjacent to the stage. All personnel should be trained how to properly extinguish flames.
A comprehensive first aid kit, including burn care materials, will be on hand and ready at any time.
The appropriate Flame retardant chemicals will be applied to the coorisponding materials. This includes thermosets, textiles, and coatings that inhibit or resist the spread of fire.
OSHA has many fire prevention measures that must be followed under penalty of law.
National Fire Protection Association includes over 270 codes and standard that affect virtually every building process, design, and installation in use today.
Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet if you are unsure about any chemical or substance - or read the label. Labels are required to state if the product is a fire hazard.

In the Event of a Fire

If a fire or fire-related emergency were to happen, the following steps should be taken:
Pull the fire alarm, if the fire isn't already detected. If the theater is equip with a Fire curtain it should be dropped as soon as possible.
Theater personnel will assist with the evacuation of all persons in the theater. Staff should be trained on exit procedures and will direct traffic to the appropriate fire evacuation routes.
If routes are blocked or otherwise obstructed use basic fire safety precautions such as staying close to the floor and staying calm. Await respondence services.
Do not under any circumstances allow a person(s) to re-enter the theater after being evacuated.

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